Welcome, on this site you will be able to complete the Principles and values award and continue to complete All-Wales induction framework workbooks.

The Principles and values award

The Principles and values award is an online course and assessment. Before starting the course, we recommend that you speak to your manager and check the Social Care Wales website to see if you are eligible to register with a relevant required qualification or by having suitable workplace experience.

To take part a manager must create their own online account by clicking the sign up button. They will need to use this account to invite their workers to create an account on site.

If you are a worker, you must receive a personal e-mail invitation to sign up from your manager. Once your account is set up, you will then need to successfully complete the workbook most relevant to your role, either:

Workbook 1: Principles and Values for health and social care (adults) - for those working with adults


Workbook 2: Principles and Values for health and social care for children and young people—for those working with children

On completion of all sections of the relevant workbook, a worker must submit the work for their manager to evaluate. Once a workbook is approved by the manager an assessment will unlock for a worker to complete.

By completing either Workbook 1 or Workbook 2 and passing the assessment a worker achieves the Principles and values award and a certificate will be available to download in their account. This can then be used as evidence to apply to register with Social Care Wales.

We recommend reading guidance on how to use the site before creating an account:

How to use the site if you are a manager

How to use the site as a worker

The All-Wales induction framework

Once a worker has submitted their Principles and values award, they will find that the other workbooks in the site become available. These workbooks can be used to support the completion of the All-Wales induction framework progress logs, please note there are no online assessments for workbooks 3-7.  To find out more information about the All-Wales induction framework, including supporting guidance we recommend all managers and workers review the All-Wales induction framework all you need to know


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